Move it or lose it

Jude Gedroix using the Power Wheel to hold a plank for 30 seconds! No easy task!

The health and wellness industry has failed you!  The majority of the US population does not exercise.  Fast food restaurants are on every corner and food marketing is amazingly smart. ‘Good Thins’, ha! You are bombarded with pictures of waif-like ladies or ripped gentlemen on the pages of the magazines at the grocery store checkout.  You follow fitness “professionals” on social media doing all kinds of crazy, unsafe exercise programs, but “if they look like ‘that’, and I do what they do, then I’ll look like ‘that’!”

You know you need to lose weight but are confused as to what you should and should not eat!  Not to mention the cleanses, the diets, Atkins, South Beach, the Zone, paleo, keto, Weight watchers.  You name it!

We are a very sick population, relying on medicine and surgery to fix our issues, when in reality many of us could feel a whole lot better if we chose to live a different lifestyle.  One that is active and filled with good, nutritious food, better sleep and less stress!

Don’t get me wrong, medicine and surgery is sometimes unavoidable, but…

When we start to move our bodies amazing things begin to happen and not just in the mirror!    Things start to hurt less.  Your stomach starts to feel better.  You have more energy throughout your day.  You sleep better.  Heck you might even poop better.  Your mindset is stronger.  You begin to feel more confident.  Your mood lifts.  You become less stressed and happier!

It’s never too late to start an exercise program!  You could begin even in your 80’s!  Right, ma?

The key is getting started and remembering you can’t start where you left off.  And if you have never exercised before, be smart and hire a coach to help you figure out what you need and how to accomplish your goals to be safe and effective!

I laugh when people say they need to get into shape before they start coming to train with us.

That is crazy talk!  

Chances are you’ll never start.  Or you’ll go to the purple and yellow gym and hop on some cardio equipment for a week, sit on some machines, get bored and quit!

Or you’ll go too hard, too fast and injure yourself.

Or you won’t know where to even begin, what to do, how often to do it. Frustration sets in and you never get into a rhythm. 

Small steps go a long way when it comes to exercise, especially as we age!

If you’ve been sitting and not moving for the last twenty years or maybe forever, you can’t expect to jump in and look like Jane Fonda or Arnold in 3-6 weeks!  Or even to perform at your peak.

Start slow…but start!  And don’t think about stopping ever!  Fitness and movement is a lifestyle.  It never ends, it just adjusts to your needs!

Our bodies are meant to move!  Move it or lose it!

Check out Jude here! She started exercising at the age of 72! Never exercised before in her lifetime. Her family was concerned about her falling a lot and also about her mood. She is such a witty, fun lady to be around. After about 6 months of doing a lot of work on the ground building core strength, she started doing some more complex movements under the guidance of a fitness coach. So, check out her pic above…pretty impressive for a 73-year-old who had never exercised before less than two years ago!

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