About Michele


Michele has been a fitness professional since 1994, having taught pilates, yoga, strength, circuit training, spinning, kickboxing and dance fitness classes.  In 2000, she became a certified personal trainer and holds numerous certifications and education hours and is one of 38 DVRT master instructors in the world.

She specializes in 50+ women and men, helping them thrive during midlife years versus just survive, through appropriate training methods, nutrition and accountability, helping them become the best version of themselves.  Outside of fitness, her passion is cycling, hiking and SUP.

My Story

As a young athlete, I discovered a passion for fitness, whether on the track or field, in the pool or the gym.  I enjoyed the feeling of being strong, having endurance and used fitness as a way to keep my weight in check. 

There were times in my life where exercise was not a priority and I would noticeably gain weight, specifically after college apartment living on a student budget with zero culinary skills and years later after having three children.

In my mid-twenties, I found myself spending 3 hours in the gym after work and eventually decided to get certified.  This led to a life-long desire to continue an education in body mechanics, mobility, injury prevention, healthy aging, menopause and lastly nutrition.

In 2015, I opened a personal training studio.  We had a blast, created an amazing community of people, some of which I still work with remotely!

In 2019, I hired my own nutrition coach, after life, work and menopause reared it’s ugly head!  I was “fluffy” and felt stuck, with a middle-aged belly growing and felt blah. I could still do all of the things I used to do, but not with the same intensity or energy.  Stress was high from running a business and family dynamics. Working out and eating “healthy” were no longer effective and for the first time, I couldn’t motivate myself.  I didn’t understand what was going on or how to overcome my situation.

When I hired my coach, I was ready for change at any cost.I knew I couldn’t do it alone.  I needed support from someone who could lead me to success.  That was a strange feeling, after all, I was the one who coached everyone else!

What ensued was a mind and body transformation, a year long adventure and education in what my body needed as a 52 year old woman.  Focusing on all areas of health, not just fitness, but a long, hard look at my nutritional needs, the way I was working out, my sleep, my activity level, learning how to manage stress!  

My achievement…29 pounds dropped and 13% body fat. I reached a weight I hadn’t seen since my teens. My mindset shifted, all of this amidst the pandemic of 2020. I am happier, more confident and feel like the world is once again my oyster, full of possibilities.

Anything is possible. IMpossible!!!! My energy is through the roof. My outlook is super positive!  My workouts have gotten easier.  I am cycling all over southern California. I have done two century bike rides, picking up my average speed.  I am experimenting more in the kitchen.  My relationship with food has changed. I am drinking a lot less alcohol. My sleep has also improved. I wake up alert, often without an alarm and without menopause fog!

My mission is to educate and change the lives of those 50+ folks who are feeling stuck!

Improving your health can change the state of your mind and your body.  Don’t waiver, trust the process and commit. It didn’t take you 30 days, 42 days, heck 3 months to get where you are, it’s going to take some time to get you where you need to go. How’s it working for you so far to do it alone? Yup, that’s what I thought. Just do it. 

There never is a perfect time. The time is when you are ready, when you’re tired of feeling tired. There will be setbacks at times, but you will learn a process that will fit your lifestyle. When it comes to your health, success requires teamwork to set you on your best course. Even coaches need coaches to navigate their health! What are you waiting for? Just say yes to yourself!