You Get What You Work For!

The attitude of a successful entrepreneur closely resembles the attitude of someone who is in great physical shape. Actually, the attitude of anyone that has ever been successful is pretty similar.

You are what you create! You can put the blame on everyone around you, but the one that holds the key to success is the one you are looking at in the mirror.  

The only one stopping you from reaching your goals is you.  You have everything you need inside you to succeed…you just might need a little shove to put you in the right direction and a smart coach to help you out!

First of all, do you have a goal that is measurable?   How are you going to measure it?  What is your time frame?  Is it a pie in the sky goal or do you have mini goals that lead to a larger goal?

Second, do you know HOW to accomplish your goal or are you going to “keep doing the same things and/or having the same habits and expecting a different result?”  When you don’t know HOW to do something, you call in a professional, right?  Fitness is no different.  Hire yourself a coach!

Third, do you have the discipline to do it alone?  Let’s face it, getting is shape is a little more challenging than staying in shape. I totally understand how intimidating it can be to start an exercise program.  And honestly, at our age, it’s even more important to take it slow and train smart. And wouldn’t it be more fun to have a pal to work out with or at least someone that is “in it to win it” with you?

Personal story…Through my first pregnancy, I exercised until the bitter end.   The baby was overdue, and I was overdone!  I quickly bounced back and was exercising 6 weeks post-partum.  When the baby was 18 months old, I miscarried and swore it was due to over exercising.  Now my brain knew that it was not a viable pregnancy, but my mind was convinced otherwise, so I did not exercise other than chase a toddler around, walk and swim. 6 weeks post-partum, I started to work out again, lifting and cardio, and I will never forget seeing myself in the mirror…gulp…

I thought to myself, HOW did you allow yourself to get this way?!?!!?  Who the heck are you anyway?  I hated those mirrors!!!  But I started training again 3-4 days a week and then 5 months in, guess what????  Third bun in the oven arrives!  The point is, I was much further behind the 8 ball because I let up and became much less active AND I found it harder to motivate myself because I was so tired from being inactive.  

During that last pregnancy, I exercised through full term and had a much faster recovery. Even after having two kids in 16 months, my body bounced back much faster.  Still didn’t love looking in that mirror but I trained smarter not harder, which is my motto to this day!  This is when I learned to cross train and get back to lifting!

The moral of the story…it’s harder to keep restarting than it is to maintain fitness as a lifestyle. So, how DO you get started?  And what are the secrets to continuing?

How do you get started? 

DO Find someone with knowledge that can assess your movement and also understand how your lifestyle has affected your body inside and out.  That person should be asking you qu4stions about all aspects of your lifestyle and not just past exercise history.  Every piece of info counts!  

DON’T go to Instagram or YouTube and look up the latest, greatest or most popular workout routines out there.  That could be a recipe for disaster and injury!

Do create a plan with your coach that encompasses your overall health.  Know if you need to pull in other professionals and get started on that sooner not later!

DON’T just focus on exercise only.  That is ONE piece of the puzzle.  

DO set up monthly meetings with your accountability coach.  Keep a log of questions that you may have and be sure to adjust the plan if needed.

DON’T expect to see rapid results without extreme modifications to your current lifestyle habits. 

DO try to master habits over the long haul that are sustainable and suitable to your lifestyle.  

DON’T plan on going all in at once because studies show you are setting yourself up for failure right off the bat.  

DO be realistic and plan a slow and steady workout program.

DON’T pull out an old workout from 1992 and expect to have the same results and not get hurt!  

DO get started right away! If you keep putting this off, getting started will become that much harder!

Remember, you have all that you need inside of you to be successful.  Find a fitpro that you can trust and make things happen today!

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