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Meet Jude!

Jude started with us in November 2017. She struggled during her assessment and I thought, how I am I going to program her training sessions. She had a very difficult time getting up and down from the floor.

We started off actually using a lacrosse ball and a foam roller on the wall to assist with mobility. Her ankles also had very limited mobility, so part of her warmup was working on her mobility there through some active range of motion stretching.

From there she went to the floor and worked on strengthening her glutes and abs. We used mostly DVRT concepts using the Ultimate Sandbag; things like dead bugs, bridges, bird dog drags, adding in some upper body strengthening exercises to help her get up and down off the ground as well.

Initially, her balance needed a lot of improvement, so after about a month of strengthening her core, we brought her to her feet doing things like step ups, push-ups from a box, using the Suspension Trainer and farmer carries. She was noticeably better at moving from ground to floor and back!

At the end of every workout, she spent some time on the air dyne bike and using the battle ropes to get her heart rate up, working on her cardiovascular fitness.

After 7 months, she has seen vast improvements in strength, balance and cardiovascular health. She has lost body fat and weight and her muscle mass has increased!

Awesome work, Jude. Great to see you improving and feeling better!

Hear what else she has to say!

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