May Client of the Month

Meet Jon Yenney!

Jon is a quiet guy that has to “put up with” a lot of women while he works out…but he’s used to it, having raised two girls and having a wife of many years!  Jon started coming just on Saturdays to team, which led to five mornings a week eventually.

I have seen Jon come a long way in his time with us.  He challenges himself much more and his form has improved immensely!  Whatever we ask of him, he gives it his best shot!

Jon has also lost just under 10 pounds since joining us, but has gained lots of muscle!  What I love to hear most is how his increased fitness has improved the things he likes to do most…skiing for one!

Keep on keepin’ on Jon!

Born in?  A hospital in Washington DC, but grew up in Palo Alto, CA

When did you start training with MFitness?

I think I started about when you opened your facility…maybe September 2015?

What does the MFitness for Life culture mean to you?

I always exercised on my own before, but it never seemed to be enough and wasn’t as fun! I like that everyone is positive and encouraging each other, no matter what age or shape they are in. I like that everyone can adapt to different weights and modifications to suit their abilities (or ailments), while still basically working on the same things together. I like the music too (although you still need to play some Squeeze and They Might Be Giants : – ))

Favorite exercise?  Medicine Ball Slams

Least favorite exercise? Burpees!!

What do you do when you’re not at MFitness?

Taking care of my financial planning clients, skiing, traveling, seeing live music, watching soccer games, bike riding, hanging with the fam!

Guilty indulgences?

I love finding new brew pubs to try (I always make good choices!), and also Mochi Ice Cream – yumm!

Your secret to success in sticking with your fitness journey here at MFitness?

Just making a commitment to yourself. We are only given one body, and we best take good care of it!  

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