Plank you very much!

What’s so great about planks?  Do you stand on your own two feet?  Well than planks are pretty great!  Do you walk? Well then planks are that much greater!

One of the things I love about planks is you can progress them pretty quickly for a pretty advanced client and you can regress them pretty easily for a newer client.

Here are a few variations you can try:

Just a few variations of planks…

A general rule of thumb…if you can hold your plank for longer than a minute, you are not creating enough tension or you just need to make it a little harder!  

What do I mean by creating tension?

  • It means driving into the balls of your feet.
  • It means squeezing your butt like you’re trying to crack a walnut.
  • It means pressing into your forearms.
  • It means if you’re using a sandbag pulling the bag apart.
  • It means, if you’re on your hands, you’re actually grabbing the floor.
  • It means, if you are using a TRX or suspension trainer, you’re packing your armpits by firing those muscles under those pits!

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