Holiday Survival Guide

According to a 2016 study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, the average American’s weight increases by 0.4 percent over Christmas and 0.2 percent over Thanksgiving.  That’s 6 weeks of partying or less as this year Thanksgiving was later than usual!

While that might not seem like much, over time, it adds up!  And, in the winter, people are less likely to move as much, especially in the colder climate regions!  So you may be thinking AFTER the holidays, I’ll start watching what I eat and exercising again! There’s NEVER a good time to start, because there is ALWAYS something you will want to celebrate. That’s life! But, eat more, exercise less over time wlll catch up quickly! Before you know it, 10-20 pounds is packed on and it seems harder to lose weight than ever before! So, go into the holidays with these things in mind!

Holiday survival tips…first and foremost…

  1. Set expectations…you know you’re going to indulge and that’s ok!
  2. Plan and prepare…what is your plan of attack?

Do those two things and you won’t be busting out of your jeans come January 2nd!

Other things to help you…

  1. Eat before your party so you don’t arrive hungry.
  2. Bring a veggie tray with a healthy dip that you can snack on at the party.
  3. If there’s protein available, eat that…shrimp, meatballs, beef, etc.  and veggies…skip the roll please!
  4. Avoid dips unless it’s your own and you know what’s in it.
  5. When it comes to booze, stick to the hard stuff and add club soda with lemon or lime or use an all-natural flavored seltzer.  Stay away from mixers as they are usually sugar laden.  If you are a wine lover, you can cut the wine with seltzer and make a spritzer, but I prefer red wine and don’t like to cut it, so just make sure you’re counting number of glasses!  Volunteer to be the designated driver and you’ll drink less or at least I would hope!
  6. Alternate your beverage with water.
  7. Track what you’re eating in an app and keep yourself accountable.  
  8. If you know you’re going to be partying it up, try to eat lots of protein and veggies the rest of the day and keep the splurges to your holiday gatherings versus when you’re at home!
  9. Don’t skip your workouts!!!

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Do enjoy your holidays but do try to be reasonable and realistic. Create awareness through planning and tracking and be mindful and present about your health and you’ll be ahead of most people in 2020!

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