How to Dead Lift without Back Pain

In one of our training sessions recently, a client recalled a conversation with a coworker who mentioned he doesn’t like deadlifting but he loves to power clean and snatch.  I’m curious if the reason he doesn’t enjoy deadlifting is due to low back pain.

Watch this video for more information and read on below!

One assessment tool I like to use to test glute(butt) strength is a single leg bridge. Ultimately, if a single leg glute bridge cannot be held without cramping in the hamstring (back of the thigh) or lumbar spine (lower back), or if there is visible trembling, there is either lack of strength or instability in the lumbar pelvic region of the torso. 

If any of those things present, then the client should be on the ground, mastering glute bridge progressions before attempting to dead lift, swing, power clean or snatch.

Some progressions that could be used, but not limited to, are:

Bridge with a USB

Bridge with a USB downward CHOP

Single leg USB Bridge without chop

Single leg USB Bridge with CHOP

Single leg USB Bridge with band

Once these movements are mastered then it’s ok to climb onto your feet and try Dead Lifting followed by Power Cleaning as seen in this link:

Or perhaps a kettlebell swing like this guys is getting ready to do! He has a hard time gripping the bell, so forgive his set up:) Hands would be on TOP of the bell, not underneath:)

So what’s the point of all of this? If you don’t want to risk injury, have had prior injuries, surgeries, or have not worked out before or in a very long time, train smart and allow yourself time to progress through some basic movements on the floor before you get up on your feet and try some more advanced exercises. And realize that deadlifting may not even be an exercise for you. There are so many other ways to create glute strength other than deadlifting that could be a smarter alternative for you!

I have seen many clients that have come in with hip, knee and lower back pain, resolve this pain through controlled movements on the floor that stabilize and strengthen their core, allowing them to progress safely to more advanced movements on their feet.

A person should earn their progressions versus haphazardly “DO EXERCISES”!

Until next year, say goodbye to Dobby the Elf!!!

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