Get Out and Get Some Air!

Meet Amy Schroeder!  I met Amy junior year at Penn State University.  She was my best friend’s roommate.   Together the two of them, myself and my roommate had soooo many laughs…a lot of beverages, but moreso, a great, lasting friendship.  I don’t remember working out too much with Amy in college, but when we went to visit her years later in North Carolina, I recall joining she and her hubby one morning, doing P90X in their house.

(Aim and I share a love for Jeep Wranglers!  Amy bottom right, Jackie, one of my BFF’s and Aim’s college roomie, top right, my college roomie top left!)

So happy for Aim that she found her fitness happy place.  She now lives near Charlotte, NC.  There is nothing like connecting with the outdoors.  I, too, want to make that happen more often!  Joy for the soul!

This is what Amy has to say about Fitness in her 50’s!

Even with regular indoor workouts, it pays to get outside. About 13 years ago (1 was 38), my husband and I were getting tired of the same old routine and expanded our outdoor activities to include more biking. A year later, we upgraded to full suspension mountain bikes and being outdoors has never been the same.

There is something about facing and overcoming obstacles and accomplishing what I could not do the week or the month before. When working out indoors, I can always talk myself out of one more pull-up, but when riding, I have to press forward over whatever obstacle is next.

We are also lucky to live near the USNWC, which provides access to over 30 miles of trails and even all weather gravel trails that are always open, rain or shine — so there are few excuses not to ride. This winter, we had some snow, which added to the output — less traction, more exertion, and also the fun. At 51, I am getting out more than ever before and getting better at it each time.

It is not about style or grace, but the experience and accomplishment at the end of a ride; and the fun we have in doing something together. I’ve had my share of wrecks and stitches, but have learned from every one.

Every ride, no matter what, is a good ride, so get out and get some air!

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