February 2018 Co-Client of the Month Rachel Kerchner

Born in?

Richmond, VA

When did you start training with MFitness?  

September 2017: fall fitness 6 week challenge

What does the MFitness for Life culture mean to you?  

So you know when you are running late to an early class or a meeting and you rush into the room and you are kind of disheveled, out of breath, and maybe sweating a bit from running in from the parking lot….and everyone turns and looks at you and you see that the room is packed and every seat is taken and you start to panic and sweat for real.  But then you see your friend and she smiles and waves at you, and points to the seat next to her that she’s saved for you….that feeling right then. The relief…the full exhale…the acceptance and belonging…just as you are. That’s what the MFitness culture means to me.

Favorite exercise?   

Active recovery

Least favorite exercise? 


What do you do when you’re not at MFitness?  

  • Domestic Goddess duties
  • Attempting to raise two children and maintain a legally accepted level of sanity
  • Personalizing apparel/cups/accessories/anything I can put vinyl on
  • Performing wedding ceremonies
  • Doing makeup for special events

Guilty indulgences?  

  • Hiding the laundry basket full of clean clothes in my closet rather than putting the clothes away
  • Eating the icing tops off of iced doughnuts
  • Mac lipgloss
  • Cocktails at lunch
  • Naps
  • Anything involving freshly made guacamole
  • Playing trivia on the game machines at bars
  • Sugar in any form, but preferably cotton candy
  • Tailgating
  • Blue cheese stuffed olives
  • Black yoga pants
  • Grocery store delivery service
  • Spray butter

Your secret to success in sticking with your fitness journey here at MFitness?  

  • Trying to do only the next right thing, once decision at a time
  • Striving for balance and progress in nutrition and exercise, rather than perfection
  • Granting myself permission  to make me a priority in my own life

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