Feeling good physically and mentally in my 50’s

Hear what Judy has to say about fitness in her 50’s!  Judy was a family friend before becoming a client.  I remember the day she reached out about training! I have seen Judy come a very long way since day one.  She is definitely stronger and more confident!  She is always smiling and laughing, even at 5am!

Fitness in my 50’s means feeling good physically and mentally. I enjoy outdoor activities, traveling and trying new things. The last few years I have tried things that in the past were a fitness challenge for me.

I have accomplished many exciting activities in my 50’s – Paddling in Dragon boat races, running in races – even a relay in a Marathon, hiking, and zip lining in rain forest. All of these were exhilarating!  In my 50’s I have also began kayaking and biking again ( I believe I am more proficient  at both activities than ever before- what a feeling!).

When I was in High school, dancing was my main fitness activity, in college it was aerobics.  I continued with aerobics off and on in my 20’s and 30’s.

Being a mom was my main focus from 30-50’s- homeroom mom, scout leader, band mom, sports team mom-you name it. I admit it, I did not give myself “me-time” and I did not devote much time to fitness. Walking was my fitness during my 40’s – walking the dog 1-2 miles a day and occasional hikes. Once I got to 50, my children were adults and I discovered time for me.

Going through a divorce opened my eyes to doing something for myself, beginning with seeking fitness training. Once I started, I felt the effects physically and mentally. As I continue, I feel better all the time- It is the best thing to happen to me in my 50’s so far! Thanks to MFitness for changing my life so positively!

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