Fabulously 50 and Fit

At an early age, while playing sports, my fitness regimen consisted of playing my sport and whatever the coaches said we needed to do outside of practice.  Most of the time, that was running and lifting.

Throughout college, I was on-again off-again exercising using what I knew from my past.  When I started to put on weight from too many carbs, I found group exercise and tried to eat healthier.  I went with friends and got hooked.  From there I joined a gym off campus and also bought a bike.  Post college graduation, I joined a gym and spent so much time there, I figured it was time to get certified.

Teaching group exercise was a lot more challenging than I thought, but the free membership was nice! I almost gave up teaching after my second child was born, joining a new ladies gym that had just opened.  Two short weeks passed and the owner had me on the schedule.  Then came one certification after the next and the desire to learn all I could about health and fitness.  I wanted to show everyone exercise could be fun with some pals!

Up until about 48, my fitness habits were my job. My workouts were the group exercise classes I taught.   I opened my studio in fall of 2015.  In January, I had to take a leave of absence from the gym I had taught at for 8 years.  I had every intention of going back, but after learning that I would be the solo wage earner in my family, I needed to invest all of my time in my own business and made the decision to not return to my old fitness family.

Now, like most of my clients, I have to make time to work out.  When I started my business, I still had two high school boys at home, a newly adopted young dog and of course, my newborn business baby!  There are days when I have every intention of getting it done, but work gets in the way or I just don’t feel like working out alone.  Working out ALONE!  Ick!  And this is why I love our training model at MFitness for Life.  It’s so much fun to work out with other people!

I learned not to beat myself up over my schedule, but I try to plan my week and my workouts.  They are days I feel like running, days I feel like strength and days I feel like working out until I am close to puking.  Still love those endorphins!  I try to remain flexible.  What I miss about teaching group exercise, is losing myself in the hour.  Being present.  And I definitely miss the stress release.  While teaching, the intensity is that much greater!  I also try to grab a friend or one of my boys and work out with them.  Always helps to have an accountability partner!

The other thing about fitness in my 50’s, my body is not the same!  I have put on some weight, although I am the only one who notices.  Nothing is as tight as it used to be, sadly.  There is greater stress in my life.  Some nights I don’t sleep well.  And, there I times I literally forget to eat.  I deal with migraines now and there are days I will literally cry for no reason.  As for my fitness goals, right now, I don’t want to add any extra stress to my days, so my goal is to work out at least four days a week.  That’s it!  During those workouts, I try to be present and give my best effort, by working hard.  I also try to do yoga at least once a week.  Running has been a great release for my head!  What motivates me now, is knowing that if I don’t move it, I’ll lose it AND not wanting to go UP a size in clothes!  I also schedule massages more often.

I look at fitness holistically these days.  I know sleep and stress management are just as important as working out and eating right.  I also have to accept that my body is going to keep changing.  I will try to keep an open mind and alter my fitness course as needed.

I thought it would be a great idea to reach out to some friends, clients and colleagues to ask the same questions.  What is fitness like in your 50’s?  How has it changed over the years?  How do you find time to exercise?  How has your body changed?  Have your goals changed?  What motivates you continue exercising?

I would love to have you answer the above questions below in the comments section!

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