50 Is The New 30

50 is the new 30!

I just turned 50 on September 2nd this year.  I can’t believe it.  I can’t even say I have three teenagers anymore because my oldest turned 21 this year and will be graduating from college.  One is a sophomore close to 20 and one turning 18 and will be going to college next year.

What has changed about 50?  Well, let’s see…I have aches and pains I never had before.  Mobility work is a necessity now.  Massages should be more frequent than they are, but I am working on that one.  Oh, and migraines…boy, are they fun!  Hello hormones!!!

What is the toughest for me is that I am struggling to fit in my workouts.  I hate working out alone!  I feel like I kinda lost my mojo.  I used to teach up to 15 group ex classes a week before I started my training business.  The group thing rocks!!!  That’s why I love training my clients in groups, small and big!  It’s more FUN!

Another thing about 50 and exercising?  Shit hurts!  And shit cracks and clicks!  But I keep at it because I know the alternative is worseJ  You gotta keep moving no matter what!  I refuse to buy bigger pants!!!

So how do you make working out at 50+ manageable?  You listen to your body and don’t beat yourself up for missing a workout or switching up your exercise routine!

Some days I like to lift heavy.  Other days I need to get my heart rate up so I bust out a HIIT session.  Some days I like to walk. Other days I like to run.  And on the weekend, if my 4th workout of the week hasn’t happened, I am ok doing yoga or going for a hike.

Here’s what I did notice about 50 and exercise…I forget I am 50 because I still feel like I am 30!  This past September, I was out in Las Vegas for our DVRT Master Trainer Summit.  I didn’t think twice about jumping out of our Uber to go hiking in Red Rocks National Park for several hours.  If I weren’t in decent shape, I wouldn’t have been able to pull that off for sure!

The intensity may not always be what it used to, but I have accepted that a slower, milder pace is ok, especially if I’m not feelin it that particular day.

I guess I am learning to stop pushing for perfection when it comes to exercise.  From the girl that worked out up until her delivery date, that’s a big step!

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