November 2017 Client of the Month

You will see Susan frequent the 5am sessions at MFFL, unless of course she and her friends “TBIO” one another that day!  This is Susan with her girls (left pic) and Susan with her gym “girls” (aka “the triplets”, as shown in the pic on the right).   

Susan has truly stepped up her game having attended the most training sessions in September 2017 of all MFitness clients!  

Susan and I go way back to our Lady of America days, she was always front and center for Combat and Pump classes.  

She brings lots of smiles and humor each morning to the early am crew.  Susan also hates the scale.  And she LOVES oreo cookies:)

Born in?  1971

When did you start training with MFitness?  February 2016 

What does the MFtiness for Life culture mean to you?  I love the comfortable and encouraging environment at MFitness and my amazing coaches!

Favorite exercise?   The ropes!

Least favorite exercise? Get ups!

What do you do when you’re not at MFitness?  Watch my girls play lax

Guilty indulgences?   Icecream  and BudLight (not together)

Your secret to success in sticking with your fitness journey here at MFitness?  I go with my 2 friends and we try to help each other be accountable.

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