Weight Training Builds Strength in Mind and Body

Hey!  Meet Colene Bittone, wife and mother of 3 adult children, also part of her family business, Clark Capital Management Group, based out of Philadelphia.


Colene is a client of MFitness for Life, having just turned 50 this past September.  She is a superstar mom, wife and friend and has  turned the corner on her fitness journey this past year.

She is working through some back issues, but has had a solid presence at the studio and works super hard when she is there!

Hear what Coleen has to say about Fitness in her 50’s:

I used to take fitness for granted.   I was always a healthy active person – running, biking and swimming – I even did Jacki Sorenson Aerobic Dancing with my Mom and Grandmother in my teens!  I was married at 23 and had all 3 of my kids before I turned 30.

I was a constant yoyo in my 20’s… gaining weight while pregnant, losing it only to become pregnant again.  My 30’s and early 40’s were so busy chasing my kiddos and then carpooling them every which way!  I get exhausted just thinking about it!

Fitness to me was all about being active and aerobic – You move it or lose it, right!  Weight training was something new to me.

Fitness entering my 50’s means being strong both mentally and physically ~ keeping my body healthy and injury free!  I want to be able to travel and experience all that life has to offer… be here for my kids!    Over this past summer my Mom had spine surgery to correct scoliosis – she had a 70 degree curvature corrected to 10 degrees.  Her success is directly related to her commitment to stay fit these past 30 years.  Looking into a crystal ball would tell me to keep my back strong as I may be on her same course!


I’ve also learned that I need to be kind to my body, mentally as well as physically.  I work on that lesson daily and don’t know if I’ll ever master it, but I’m certainly trying!!  I will forever be grateful that my Mom was such an incredible role model for me ~ I only hope that I am the same for my children!  MFitness is, and will be, a huge part of my success!

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