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The second blog post in a series called Fitness in Your 50’s, is from life-long friend and former highschool swimming and track teammate, Lori “Zodl” Orihuel.   Lori is a gifted teacher for K-8 in the Lancaster, PA area.

Lori always had a competitive edge!  In high school, she was a fast miler.  She ran track for Millersville University.  In later years, she found that running no longer agreed with her body and starting trying other things, always maintaining her discipline when it came to her fitness.  I truly admire her commitment to her health.  She is a great role model for all women, but especially her teen-aged daughter, Zoe!

If you are a travel buff, check our her blog, which really began as a shared experience of her travels.  She is a wonderful writer!

This is a picture  of the 3/4 of “the Quad” while hiking one afternoon near Lake George, NY, during our 50th Celebration this past summer.  Lori, Kim and Jackie from left to right.  We all turned 50 in 2017 and have been friends since ages 12-14!

Here are Lori’s thoughts on Fitness in her 50’s…

If I was asked to write a blog on fitness in my 20’s, 30’s, or even 40’s my focus would have been on discipline, strength, and commitment. Although these three pillars remain the same in my 50’s (to be honest, I am only 4 months into my 50’s) my focus has shifted to health as opposed to fitness.

Fitness used to mean something different to me. It used to be measured in miles, yardage, or PR’s. It used to be measured by placing in my age group in 5K’s and triathlons or completing a 50 mile ride.

I look back on those measures with pride and amazement at what my body was able to do. It’s taken me awhile to redefine what health means to me now that my body and mind have shifted focus to lifelong fitness.

Like all aspects of our lives we have to readjust our expectations and accept our limitations and set new goals for ourselves. For our bodies.

Fitness in my 50’s encompasses mental and physical flexibility and ease. I strive for mental fitness to respond to what life brings and to recognize the beauty even in our darkest times.

I strive for mental clarity and easefulness. I accomplish this by waking up early to meet a friend and we move. We talk. We jump start our bodies to do what they are meant to do. We walk. We take spin class. We road ride. We cross country ski. We downhill ski. We move. We are committed to moving. We are disciplined to get up before the sun rises.

Our bodies are strong, our minds our strong, and our friendships are strong. To me, this is what it means to be fit in my 50’s.

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  1. Michele, you are doing such wonderful work by helping people reach their fitness goals. Healthy body, healthy mind. Here’s to aging together in health and friendship! Love you!

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