September Client of the Month

It’s no surprise to see Julie as the client of the month!   

The funny part…we have known one another since our kids were in elementary school in 2003.  We worked together volunteering for the home and school together for years.  I trained her daughter (adult Gabby in picture on the left!), who as a catcher for her softball team , was struggling to make the throw from home plate to 2nd.  After 6 weeks, we fixed that and I started training Julie at home too.  I set her up with a program to do on her own.  It didn’t work.  A few years later, I started doing some semi-private training in my home and she decided to jump in.  One session and she almost threw up.  She didn’t come back.  They say “the third time is a charm.”  Julie struggled finding the time when she first came to MFitness and got really sick during the winter months, but as soon as the Summer Survivor Challenge and the MyZone Challenge began, she committed to taking charge of her health and fitness and started seeing some amazing results!  

Since joining MFitness in the fall, Julie has lost 33 pounds!  Congrats for the weight and fat loss and also for giving up that sweet tea habit!  How many years was that?:)

Born in?
Delaware County, PA

Where do you currently work and what do you do? Tax Collector for Upper Providence Township

When did you start training with MFitness?  September 2016

What does the MFtiness for Life culture mean to you?  I can’t begin to say enough about this culture.  The support and encouragement is incredible.  No judging.  It truly is a group of people just trying to be better versions of themselves.

Favorite exercise?  Anything on the TRX suspension trainer

Least favorite exercise? Anything with a Sandbag

What do you do when you’re not at MFitness?  Spend time with my hubby and three kids.  Avid Phillies fan and love live music

Guilty indulgences?  Sweet tea and chocolate

Your secret to success in sticking with your fitness journey here at MFitness?  The challenges are what did it for me.  I met new people that have been incredibly supportive, pushed me and made me accountable.

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