Four easy ways to stay healthy during the holidays

Feeling exhausted and planning to blow off your workout? No time for anything but holiday preparations?

Realize that the holidays are short-lived and when January rolls around you don’t want to be behind the 8-ball.

You don’t have to spend hours doing food prep OR working out at the gym.

Here are four easy ways to stay focused on your health while enjoying the holidays.

1. Go to bed at your regular time. Prioritize your workload and try to accomplish at least three things on your daily list. Outside of work, plan ONE holiday task each day of the week.

2. Take 5-10 minutes a day and just focus on quiet time. Allow yourself to be present and breathe. Sometimes this helps with gaining clarity on how best to accomplish your daily tasks.

3. Parties galore may be in your future, try your best to make healthy choices whenever you eat out or at home and bank some of those calories for the future when you know you might not have a healthy choice in front of you.

4. Be consistent with your workout schedule. You may not be able to make your regularly scheduled sessions, but do make an effort to do something at home. Go to body weight exercises are pushups, front planks, side planks, bridges, squats and lunges. Bang out 3 sets of 10 exercises. It should take you less than 20 minutes to do so. Or set an interval timer and work for 40-45 seconds and rest for 15-20 seconds for the allotted time you can carve. It only takes a week of not exercising for muscles to atrophy and it takes 8-10 weeks to gain any significant muscle.

All or nothing attitudes fail almost every time.

“Well, my diet is going to be crap for the day so I may as well have a donut after dinner.” And the next day, well, what the heck, I’ll just eat that pizza. I’ll work it off at the gym later.” “I didn’t make it to the gym on Monday, so I may as well blow off the whole week. There’s always next week.”

And the next thing you know, come January 2, ugh, the sweatpants are in the laundry and you can’t even button your pants.

Stay focused on your health in small ways during the holiday season. Keep most of your routine in tact and if you cannot, have strategies in place for the surprises in your day.

One last tip…our cell phones tell us how much we use them now! Look at your cellphone usage and see where you can cut back. If you’re following your habits, you’ll be surprised at how often you pick up that little computer and give it attention instead of tending to tasks at hand!

At the end of the day, the holidays should be about spending time with your family and friends versus all the commercialized hubbub! (Ha! Tell that to your kid!)

If you need help with your health and fitness goals, consider hiring a professional to keep you accountable even during the holidays!

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