Michele Decerio

CPT Master Instructor and Owner

MyZone Alias: Momma D
Born: Washington, DC
What Does The MFFL Culture Mean To Me? I have NEVER been a fan of working out alone! Fitness is a social thing for me even since I played sports as a kid. I am amazed at the community that has grown before my eyes. Everyone is so welcoming, helpful and supportive, always cheering one another on. We run a lot of challenges during the year and these people step up to the plate and help the new folks without batting an eye. I am known to get emotional on occasion about the wonderful community here! If you’re looking to become the best version of you while you learn, work hard, AND have fun, this is definitely the place!

What Is Your Favorite Exercise? DVRT Max Lunges!!!

Least Favorite Exercise: Pushups suck!!

What do you do when you are not coaching at the gym? Hanging out with my fam, my sidekick Daisy and friends.

Who Do You Look Up To? Why? My parents, collectively for sure. I was fortunate to have a wonderful childhood! My Dad taught me hard work and grit. My mom taught me kindness and faith. Great role models!

Guilty Indulgence: A glass or two of red wine.

If you could be a superhero or have a superpower who/what would it be? Why? The ability to duplicate myself! There is NEVER enough time during the day to accomplish everything on my todo list! I would love to have at least ONE body double to help me get more accomplished. And I LOVE sleep!!!