Janine Zumbano

MyZone Alias: J9
Born: Norristown, PA
What Does The MFFL Culture Mean To Me? MFFL is a community of like-minded individuals, all bringing their own unique flare to fitness! We have an array of shapes, sizes, ages, professions, personalities, and abilities all coming together for a common goal and helping each other to achieve that goal…to be our best version of ourselves…always better today than yesterday!

What Is Your Favorite Exercise?
Least Favorite Exercise:
In response to both of the questions above…..uhhhhh, I kind of have a LOVE HATE relationship with all exercises!!! It’s tough to pick one that’s my favorite and one that’s my least favorite because I know that I’m always challenging myself during every workout! So,during the workout, no matter the exercise, I’m a HATER, but when all is said and done, I’m a LOVER because I came and I conquered!!!

What do you do when you are not coaching at the gym? When I’m not coaching or training at the gym, I’m a full-time middle school Spanish teacher. Because I have hundreds of “kids” at school, I love coming home to my three furbabies (Canela, Castana, and Nico…all shelties) and my hubby! They’re my everything….definitely the calm before and after my daily middle school storm!!! On the rare occassion that I have free time, I have a very intimate relationship with my comfy couch, my tv, and my DVR!!! Ahhhhhh….my happy place!!!!

Who Do You Look Up To? Why? Wow! This is a tough one! There are a number of people who have been extremely influential in my life, but how can I answer this question without acknowledging my parents?! They’ve endured 45 years (thus far) of marriage. They’ve committed themselves unconditionally to each of their seven children (one of whom passed away at a very young age), sacrificing daily, and working fervently for our betterment. Despite the heartbreaking loss of one of their children, my parents continued to provide the most loving and stable home for their family. My mom and dad are the epitome of strength, endurance, and perseverance. They’re simply amazing and I wouldn’t be who I am today without their unending guidance, support, and love.

Guilty Indulgence: Hmmmm….must I pick only one?!?! Let’s be real! This Italian girl is a FOODIE through and through! However, if I have to choose one thing, I’m going with ice cream sundaes!!! YUM!!!

If you could be a superhero or have a superpower who/what would it be? Why? Hands down, my superpower would be making perfumes!!! I am OBSESSED with fragrances!!! It is my absolute passion!!! I always say that my dream job (if I was scientifically inclined) would be to make and work with fragrances! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!