Bill Fleisher

MyZone Alias: Bill (original, right…)
Born: Philadelphia
What Does The MFFL Culture Mean To Me? When I was in my younger years I NEVER ‘worked out’ or went to the gym.
I was ‘introduced’ to work outs when I connected with Michele D who lives in my neighbor hood. I started to do some light yoga classes with some of the neighbors. Eventually Michele transitioned to expanded exercise routines mixing cardio and resistance training. I would go to the early (5:30am) classes because I could roll out of bed and walk up the street to Michele’s place. She eventually took the leap to follow her desire and found a space where she could introduce us to all the toys she wanted us to use to challenge and expand our experience. I tried to do workout routines on my own (at Planet Fitness) but realized that I really did not like the multiple machines; did not know if I was really executing the moves correctly; and did not know when to add or change my routines. In short, I needed a guide through my exercise routines. Michele and MFitness provides that along with so much more via the information she shares and the people in our sessions. Everyone wants to do what they can and then progress along their own journey to on-going fitness. That is exactly what each of experience at MFitness. Some of us come to lose weight. Some of us want to gain flexibility or strength. Some of us want all of that. MFitness provides the opportunity for each of us to be a better version of ourselves; the best that we can be.

What Is Your Favorite Exercise? No exercise is a ‘favorite’. But MFitness has definitely converted me to believing in the flexible uses of the DVRT routines (sand/water bags).

Least Favorite Exercise: BURPEES!!

What do you do when you are not coaching at the gym? Bike rides on the local trails, hiking with my wife and exploring other opportunities to keep me engaged.

Who Do You Look Up To? Why? In general, I look up to anyone whom has gone through hardships and pain in their life and comes through those experiences stronger, healthier and compassionate to others. My parents definitely shaped my view of the world and how to treat others. Always positive thinking.

Guilty Indulgence: Potatoes – fried, baked, whatever…. (then there is ice cream, chocolate and bread)

If you could be a superhero or have a superpower who/what would it be? Why? I think I would lean towards a super power…of the brain. Be able to tap into my brain power to further learn, understand and share the powers that, I believe, each of us has but have not be able to fully take advantage of. If we can focus on one problem at a time, I believe there is nothing in this world that cannot be corrected.