5 Ways to Get Yourself Out of That Workout Slump

We have all been here!

The weather is getting colder.  We are usually so disciplined but ugh…it’s dark out at 5am and who wants to get out from under the covers!  Brrrrrrr!

Yup…its fall and it might be harder than ever for you to keep that commitment!

It happens, but you have to find your mojo because falling OUT of the habit is easy and falling back INTO the habit so much harder!  First you miss a couple of days, then you miss a week, which turns into two weeks…


What happened to that mojo of NOT wanting to miss your gym time?

How do you pull yourself out of a workout slump?

 Just do it!  Schedule it as part of your day!
Don’t fall into the “snooze trap”!  Next thing you know your scheduled workout starts in 10 minutes so, oh well, you can’t get up now because you’re going to be late!  Off goes the alarm and BOOM there’s day four-in-a-row of sleeping in and missing your workout time!

Exercise makes you feel good and especially at the age where your hormones are once again raging.  Having no clue what to expect on a daily basis, you just have to push back and say “screw it.”   Hell, it’s hard to always be “ON” some days, when inside you are just crying, but, you just gotta do it!

Tap into that cardio high again.
Strength training is great!  Don’t get me wrong!   But sometimes what the doctor ordered is a good cardio burn, so put on your sneakers or your bike helmet and get outside or do an intense HIIT session to get that heart rate up!  This often clears your head and allows the endorphins to kick in!  Find your exercise balance.

Find a buddy or try something new.  Or hire a fitness coach!
Finding someone who trains a different way and combining efforts keeps things fresh and interesting.  Just another buddy that loves to workout can inspire you to get your butt moving again!  Accountability partners are a great way to stay motivated!

Get the heck outdoors!
Hike, run, bike, paddle, row!  When you’re at one with nature doing something active it doesn’t even seem like working out, but man, what it does for your head.  Set a weekly goal of doing at least ONE thing outdoors a week!

Get stuff done at home-FAST!
NO time to make it an “official” workout, get up and move around your house, doing chores, walk the dog, organize something that needs to be organized.  But don’t dilly dally, move quickly!  Just moving your body and doing SOMEthing will be better than sitting on the couch watching TV and mindlessly snacking!

Everybody gets into a slump now and again.  The important thing for your health is to NOT let it last too long!  Before you know it, you’ll be 10 pounds heavier and miserable, then the back and knee pain kicks in, so like I said, just do it!

“I regret that workout…said no-one EVER!!”

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